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"Powerful - The workshop helps you unlock your resistance
to abundance...in every aspect of your life."
- peter

"I auditioned for The Voice Season 3… I can tell you that being chosen out of 45,000 people who auditioned was primarily due to my classmates and especially my workshop teacher Liz Wolfe and the A&P series! And to top it off, I was chosen to be seen in the promo! Long live and God bless the Abundance and Prosperity Workshops!"


"I want to thank you for conducting the workshop. A&P is everywhere, and I am using bits and pieces to coach myself all over, and it is very effective. I generated leads/prospects in the last 5 days, equivalent to not less than 1 million in new revenue, and it is still happening!!!"


"I have taken the Abundance and Prosperity workshop twice with Liz Wolfe. It has so dramatically supported the shift in how I perceived and lived abundantly from the inside out. I would recommend it to anyone who is ready. I recently wrote this in a blog:

When the wave of abundance you have been intending finally rolls to shore...do you run for cover, or stand with arms wide open and let it take you? The answer may seem easy until you are sitting on the shore watching it come in...and it doesn't look at all how you have imagined it...it looks bigger! *Breathing deep*. Experiencing gratitude for the power I have always had to attract it.

That is how I have been experiencing the results of this workshop. I am a small business owner and a make-up artist. Since taking A & P the first time and learning that how to ASK for what I want and knowing letting go is the loud agreement to the universe you are ready for more...I have paid off 90% of my debt. I have worked with Lady Gaga three times. I have not had scarcity by any means in my bank account for at least a year, and I am experiencing peace in my life like I haven't known since I was a child. Awareness, and practicing these ways of being made it possible. It is not just some tools you pick up, it's a way of life. Are you ready?"


"Let the magic begin...I'd like to share what I got out of the workshop, as a possibility of what it could be for you. Here are some of my own tangible results, as a result of taking the workshop and living the lifestyle of abundance. Abundance of money: I declared during the workshop as a HUGE stretch that I would be making $100k/year, and now I am making just about that much. Happiness: I am MUCH happier than I was before. I smile twice as much! In fact, during the workshop, I felt this sincere joy in my TOES! I couldn't believe it -- I had never felt that in my LIFE! Furthermore, I am now known at work as the girl who's always happy. Confidence: I am collecting evidence of my greatness as a way of life. It's awesome."


"Just a couple days after A & P, I booked my very first paid guitar gig. … I believe because of how specific I am about my desires and opening myself up to receiving and releasing numerous things I had resistance to, [I have] contributed to this victory!! I'm so excited.  Also, side jobs have been popping up for me like crazy bananas! Unlike my last few historical months, I have lived in plenty every day. The "What am I resisting?" replacement for the word "lazy" has been hugely supportive in getting my tail in gear to go to the gym too. LOL."