the  abundance  breakthrough  course

Do you want the power to create whatever you want?

The Abundance Breakthrough Course is a 2.5-day mind-blowing breakthrough experience where you will sever your deep-rooted connections to scarcity and emerge with freedom and passion to create the abundance that you dream of for yourself and the world.

In the workshop you will participate in exercises that investigate and challenge the underlying beliefs that influence your thinking around Asking Powerfully, Giving Wholeheartedly, and Receiving Graciously. Your historical experiences and beliefs in each of these areas strongly influence your ability to create your own abundance.

Additional exercises in the workshop focus specifically on money, vision, and productivity. By the end of the workshop you will be clear about your vision and have a whole new perspective on how to go about accomplishing it.

According to graduates, this “awesome workshop” is “amazing,” “profound,” “fun,” and “highly recommended.” During it, they created “a clear vision of what I desire,” “a dramatic shift in how I perceive abundance,” and “freedom and drive to get things done.”

Singing on “The Voice”, working with Lady Gaga, a million dollars’ worth of prospects and finding the love of your life are just a sampling of what graduates of the Abundance Breakthrough Course have created after attending.

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